- Operational Video Management Platform


EnsuraVMS is designed to support operational needs and operator abilities. Every module and process in the system was added with real-time and real-world needs in mind, including the flexibility required to modify system responses and operations when these needs change

ONE SIMPLE INTERFACE – based on deep experience of REAL operators who do not want to learn multiple screens and displays: the system provides ONE interface for ALL operator needs.


ENTERPRISE CONTROL CENTER- connects to unlimited number of independent legacy and Ensura systems , providing constant event management and complete sensor control from a single site

Converting all video cameras into an operational MESH


The only system in the world that has internal OBJECT TRACKING through multiple cameras as well as archived visual data – allowing the user to ‘skip’ from camera to camera while tracking an object.


Complete operational connectivity of ALL cameras in the system with in the cameras field of view.


ALL that the operator needs to do is click on the “hot” area of the video and the cameras will immediately hop to the relevant camera overlooking that area.

The systems enables UNLIMITED growth and flexibility without any requirements of upgrades or updates NO downtime at all is experienced during the expanding of the system 

In 90% of the cases EnsuraVMS can be installed on legacy hardware and is compatible with existing sensors!



Combines INTERNAL VIDEO ANALYTICS in an affordable price with the highest accuracy available in the market by very easy calibration and multi rule based events engine.


Integrated video analytics for both edge device based and server based analysis.


Supports analysis of any video stream that is connected to the solution either directly from an IP camera / analog camera & video encoder / 3rd party VMS systems.