is THE Public Safety & HLS tactical command and control


EnsuraPSIM provides built-in CONOPs support and flexibility, enabling effortless and rapid adjustment to diverse operational challenges and demands..

Operational Maps



  • Continues orientation of operators enable Real-Time operational abilities.


  • Multi Layered, dynamic maps with sensor status & control.


  • Embedded video per location, endless scalability of video inputs implementation in the system


Procedure & Dashboard customization 


  • Operational project design embedded by procedure wizard

  • Unlimited customized configuration of post event displays:

  • Customized screens linked to Events – operators single point for event management

  • Activation of 3rd party systems

  • User actions & decision tree

  • Live video and video timed per event

BI module with vitually limitless logic engines


  • BI engine allows to form event ‘cascades’ leading to system response.

  • Event cascades are configured by integrated system devices and sensors input.

  • Adaptable support for complex CONOPs procedures and conditions correlates to human decision-making processes



Data based intelligence rules


  • ANPR tracking and identification engine.

  • Connect license-plate snapshot camera to any live video camera feed.

  • Supports hotlists and blacklist trigger definition enables automatic event triggering.

  • High assurance license plate analysis, including display of OCR confidence level.

  • Integration of ANPR events into multiple event cascades.