is one of the world's track proven systems


Providing management  of thousands of cameras, hundreds of operators working simultaneously, while providing proactive sensor management  and operational features to finalize events in real-time.

Operational Pro-Active features


Object Tracking abilities is the only feature in the world that enables closing the loop and catching moving objects within thousands of cameras.


Creating a mesh of all cameras in real time and archived video which enable a user moving from one camera to another with a simple click.


“Back to the future feature “ – enabling travel in time at X16 of real time. We provide the operators the ability to run in time and track a moving object from the past while gaining advantage running the video in fast forward.

Support any Level of Operator

EnsuraVMS provides one intuitive interface, allowing operators of all levels, from any  culture and multi lingual manage event the most complex solutions.


Live video, archived video, event management, 3rd party system management - all are managed from one interface


The dashboard is fully customized by a simple to use and mange wizard. Allowing constant adaptation of the system to the changing needs

Manage Large-Scale Deployments.


EnsuraVMS supports unlimited number of NVR servers in a solutions.

Every NVR server supports hundreds of cameras, hundreds of microphones, thousands of sensors.


Hundreds of operators connect to the system simultaneously  . 


Enterprise control center enables management  of unlimited number of independent sites in the same time.


DRP modules provides 0 downtime.